Demon Names – Top 180+ Real and Fantasy Demon Names

Hey, are you busy finding a demon name but let me ask you for what reason? Because there are different uses with demon names like someone use them for usernames, someone for gaming characters and some people use them for Halloween parties.

Demon Names
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Whatever is the reason put them aside for a while, as I don’t want to waste your precious time. Coming to the topic, we can find shreds of evidence of demons in the Bible in both Testaments, new and old. There are two classes of demonic entities in the old testament; shaggy goats or satyrs and demons, and the word demon can be found 63 times in the new testament of the Bible. Demons are mythical or spiritual beings associated with the evil spirit, portrayed as frightening creatures. These are totally against angels who are messengers of God. Sometimes demons can be good.

And you have decided to use a demon name that’s quite different, and your choice depicts that you want to be exceptional from the crowd. As we discussed earlier, there are many uses of demon names; when it comes to using it as a username, a big yes to your decision as it makes you unique and people find you different. When you plan to use it as a gaming character, again a big nod from my side. Usually, there will be many players in online streaming games, so to make yourself notable, you can go with a demon name.

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And wait, if you have an intention to naming your baby with a demon name. I don’t know what makes you go with this typical decision. Apart from your thoughts, a good name is the first gift from you to your little one, and spending hours choosing a baby name is a stressful yet worthy and thrilling thing. But your son/daughter may hate your decision if they don’t like their name when they grow up. So think twice if you decided to go with the demon name.

To the point, there are fewer demon names in all theologies ( Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu Etc). So to provide you more names, I have included not only Christian demon names but also other theologies demon names and demon character names from fantasy games and books. Therefore you can easily select the name you like. Now without wasting time we enter into the list of demon names. Let’s get started


Christian Demon Names

Christian Demon Names
Source : Pexels
  1. Agares: Also known as Agarat or Agaros who rides crocodile, he is a teacher of languages, he creates earthquakes, and the good thing is he also grants noble titles
  2. Aim: Also called Haborym, he is very strong and 26 legions are under his rule. He fires all prominent places and makes men witty.
  3. Alastor: He is also known as Avenger in Greek Mythology. Alastor is a generic term for evil spirits.
  4. Alloces: He is also known as Allocer and his duty is to teach astronomy and liberal sciences. He is lion-headed and rides a horse
  5. Amaymon: He is a prince who only has authority over Asmodai who is also a prince of demons. He is known to have poisonous breathing.
  6. Amdusias: He has command over 29 legions of demons and spirits. He is portrayed as a human with a unicorn head.
  7. Amon: He governs forty infernal legions. He generates love between men and women and clears disputes of friends and enemies. For Egyptians, he is a God. He has a wolf face and a snake’s tail.
  8. Amy: He teaches astronomy and liberal science and he depicted as a president.
  9. Ancitif: He possessed Sister. Barbara. He caused several wild things to her such as shouting loud, speaking bad words, appearance and disappearance of wounds.
  10. Andras: He has command over thirty legions and he has a wolf face with a human body. He is the most dangerous demon. He can kill the magician and his servants if proper care is not taken.
  11. Andrealphus: He can change any man into a bird.
  12. Andromalius: He can find thieves and bring them back with stolen things. He punishes thieves and wicked people.
  13. Apollyon: Apollyon means destruction. It is a Greek equivalent for Hebrew’s Abaddon.
  14. Astaroth: He is a strong duke and has ruled over 40 legions.
  15. Baal/Bael: He can make men invisible.
  16. Balam: Powerful yet great king. Also called Balan. He can give perfect answers for present, past, future things. He also can make men invisible
  17. Barbas: Also known as Marbas. He can exact answers for secret things. He can cause and heals diseases. Gives wisdom in mechanical sciences.
  18. Barbatos: Duke of hell. He can speak with animals.
  19. Bathin: He knows the properties of stones and plants. He can transport people from country to country.
  20. Beleth: He is cat-headed with the human body. A different kind of music heard before him.
  21. Belphegor: He helps people in finding new things. He seduces people by giving ideas that will make them rich.
  22. Bifrons: He teaches sciences and arts.
  23. Botis: He depicted as a human with fangs and horns and he discusses matters of past, present, and future.
  24. Buer: He teaches philosophy. He is lion-headed with five goat legs.
  25. Bune: He can make anyone rich, has the ability to move dead, and answering different questions.
  26. Caima: Great president of hell. Looks like a bird.
  27. Crocell: He teaches geometry and liberal sciences and can warm water bodies.
  28. Dantalion: He can teach any science or art subjects and brings love.
  29. Decarabia: Also called Carabia. He knows the properties of herbs and stones and he can change one into all birds.
  30. Demogorgon: He is the underworld and a strong primordial being.
  31. Eligos: Also known as Elogor or Abigor. He finds secret things and knows what happens with wars.
  32. Focalor: He has power over the sea and wind.
  33. Forneus: He grants a good name to men and makes them lovable by their enemies and friends.
  34. Foras: He teaches logic and ethics.
  35. Furcas: He portrayed as a powerful old man with long white hair. He teaches astronomy, philosophy, logic, and more.
  36. Furfur: He creates love between men and women and storms, thunders, blasts.
  37. Gaap: He induces love.
  38. Gamigin: He teaches liberal sciences and he gives explanation to souls who died in sin.
  39. Gremory: She can find hidden treasures and can answer past, present and future.
  40. Haagenti: He instructs men in every subject to make them wise. He can convert water into wine and vice-versa.
  41. Halphas: He sends men to wars and provides weapons.
  42. Haures: He can burn all conjurer’s foes and can answer the past, present, and future.
  43. Incubus: He seeks sexual pleasure with sleeping women.
  44. Ipos/Ipes: He makes men clever and courageous.
  45. Legion: Is a group of demons.
  46. Leonard: He has the ability to appear as a handsome soldier.
  47. Leraje/Leraie: He is an archer.
  48. Lucifuge: His name come from two Latin words lux and fugio which means flees the light
  49. Malphas: He can build houses, towers, and can destroy enemies buildings.
  50. Mammon: Means money.
  51. Murmur: He depicted as a soldier and teaches philosophy
  52. Orcus: It means land of dead and God of the underworld.
  53. Orias: Teaches stars virtues.
  54. Orobas: Great prince of hell and gives true answers.
  55. Ose: He makes men wise and a great president of hell.
  56. Paimon: Teaches science and answers questions.
  57. Phenex: Teaches all science and a great poet.
  58. Pithius: Ruler of fraud (Eighth circle of inferno)
  59. Raum: Steals treasures of Kings and destroys men’s dignities, cities.
  60. Ronove: Teaches art, languages, and grants good assistants.
  61. Sabnock: He builds towers, cities, castles, and loads them with weapons.
  62. Saleos: He causes love between women and men.
  63. Salpsan: Son of Satan.
  64. Shax: He takes out eyesight, hearing ability, robs wealth from King’s houses and gives them back to people. He does anything based on Conjurer’s order.
  65. Sitri: He causes love between men and women.
  66. Surgat: He can open all locks.
  67. Valac: He has the power of finding treasures.
  68. Valefar: He makes people steal and he is responsible for a good bonding among thieves.
  69. Vapula: He teaches philosophy, sciences, and mechanics.
  70. Vepar: Governs water.
  71. Vine: He has the power to build towers and intervene in seas.
  72. Xaphan: He rebelled against God with Satan and is a demon of the second rank.
  73. Zagan (Zagam): He makes men witty and turns water into wine and vice versa
  74. Zepar: He causes women to love men.
  75. Ziminiar: King of the north.

Jewish Demon Names

Jewish Demon Names
Source : Pexels
  1. Abezethibou: He is a fallen angel.
  2. Abyzou: Female demon, she is infertile and she was criticized for being a reason for miscarriages and infant mortality.
  3. Agaliarept: He has the power to reveal secrets and mysteries.
  4. Agiel: He has the ability to call spirits those who live on earth.
  5. Agrat bat Mahlat: Agrat is a female demon, bat stands for the daughter of. Agrat is a daughter of Mahlat. Mistress of sorceresses.
  6. Armaros: Also known as Armoni. Armaros means cursed one. Male demon.
  7. Asb’el: He is the second one of five Satans.
  8. Belial: It means worthless
  9. Danjal: He teaches signs of the sun to humans
  10. Eisheth: She was known for her kindness.
  11. Gader’el: He taught humans how to make breastplates, swords and shields.
  12. Grigori: Also known as watchers and are fallen angels. Reason for Nephilim.
  13. Kasadya: She is a demon of miscarriages, sunstrokes.
  14. Mastema: He is a fallen angel and angel of disaster. First he was under God later he became a Satan.
  15. Naamah: It means pleasure. She uses multiple forms to attract men.
  16. Onoskelis: She is a beautiful demon, causes sufferings to men.
  17. Rahab: She is a monster of the sea, the dragon of waters.
  18. Semyaza: A fallen angel.
  19. Shaitan: Has an evil nature.
  20. Yeqon: He brought all others to earth to have sexual intercourse with women.

Islamic Demon Names

Islamic Demon Names
Source : Pexels
  1. Dajjal: Enemy of Christ.
  2. Dev: Monstrous creatures.
  3. Eblis: Means remain in grief
  4. Ghaddar: Demon of dogs or goats.
  5. Hinn: Supernatural creatures.
  6. Jinn: Specific supernatural creatures.
  7. Sut: He suggests lies.
  8. Zabaniyya: Forces of hell.

Hindu Demon Names

Hindu Demon Names
Source : Pexels
  1. Arunasura: He got a boon from Lord Brahma that he couldn’t be killed by any two or four-legged creatures. He was killed by Goddess Parvati.
  2. Asura: These are demigods with both bad and good qualities.
  3. Bakasura: A supernatural man-eater.
  4. Bali Raj: He reborn as a demon afterlife of Kitava
  5. Bhūta: Is a supernatural creature.
  6. Kabandha: He was killed by Lord Rama.
  7. Kumbhakarna: Younger brother of Ravana.
  8. Maricha: He was killed by Lord Rama.
  9. Puloman: Father of Indra’s wife

Fantasy Demon Names

Fantasy Demon Names
Source : Pexels
  1. Aatrox: A demon character from League of Legends
  2. Abi: It is a demon character from the Japanese manga series Devilman
  3. Agira: It is also a demon from Devilman.
  4. Akira Fudo: Same as above.
  5. Alastor: A demon character from Dark-Hunter book series.
  6. Alichino: It is a demon from Dante’s epic poem which was from 14th century.
  7. Anyanka: She is a fictional character from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Tv series.
  8. Asura: A demon character from manga series Soul Eater
  9. Aurora: A character from Devilman
  10. Bad Ash: It is a devil character from the American horror film Evil Dead.
  11. Bahumat: A role from the Fablehaven series
  12. Banshee: She is a character from the British Tv series Strange.
  13. Barthamus: A demon character from the American Tv series Super Natural
  14. Belthazor: A lead from Charmed Tv series.
  15. Bendy: An evil character from the Video game Bendy and the Ink Machine.
  16. Black Heart: It is a fantasy character from Marvel Comics.
  17. Brady: A demon character from the Supernatural tv series.
  18. Cadaver: He is from The Demonata book series.
  19. Cain: It is from Supernatural tv series.
  20. Crowley: Same as above.
  21. Ciriatto: From Dante’s Inferno.
  22. Cryto: Demon from Charmed tv series.
  23. Dabura: Evil character of Dragon Ball Z Manga series.
  24. Darkar: Character from Winx Club Animated Series.
  25. Drexel: From American Supernatural tv series.
  26. Duke: Same as above.
  27. Eddie: From Guilty Gear game.
  28. Etrigan: A demon character from DC comics.
  29. Faquari: From Bartimaeus Trilogy novel.
  30. Farfarello : From Dante’s Inferno.
  31. Femur: From The Demonata book series.
  32. Fyrus: From the game Twilight princess.
  33. Gerald: Supernatural tv series.
  34. Halfrek: She is from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  35. Ifrit: From final fantasy game.
  36. Jervis: A demon Supernatural tv series.
  37. Juiblex: Monster from Dungeons & Dragons.
  38. Lahari: A male demon from Disgea play station game. Actually Lahari is a female name which is a common name in India.
  39. Lilith: A female demon from Jewish mythology and appeared in several works.
  40. Lucifer: From DC comics.
  41. Majin Buu: A lead from Dragon Ball series.
  42. Maledict: From a video game Doom 3.
  43. Malina : From Helltaker game.
  44. Marilith: A monster from D&D.
  45. N°1: From novel Artemis Fowl.
  46. Qawan: Same as above.
  47. Nadia Moore: From The Demonata book series.
  48. Nouda: From Bartimaeus Trilogy novel.
  49. Queezle: Same as above.
  50. Quasit: From D&D.
  51. Ramiel: A character from Supernatural tv series.
  52. Ruby: Same as above.
  53. Raven: From DC Comics
  54. Ravira: A demon from Beast Coast children novel.
  55. Screwtape: From The Screwtape letter novel.
  56. Shax: A demon lead from Charmed tv series.
  57. Silitha: An evil role from Darksiders video game.
  58. Straga: Same as above.
  59. Sinners: From Japanese Chrono Crusade Managa series.
  60. Sparda: From Devil May Cry video game series.
  61. Trish: Same as above.
  62. Vergil: Same as above.
  63. Spawn: A demon character from Image comics.
  64. Tash: From the Chronicles of Narnia novel.
  65. Toby: A character from the Paranormal movie series.
  66. Trevor: From American tv series The Good Place.
  67. Tritannus: From animated series Winx Club.
  68. Valtor: Same as above.
  69. Trigon: From DC comics.
  70. Valak: From Conjuring 2 movie.
  71. Yaksha: From The Last Vampire book series.
Demon Names

Conclusion: I hope you have got your desired name from this list of demon names. Thanks for visiting. Have a good day. Don’t forget to share.

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